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??????lunetta fitflop black Amazon com Tundra the Polar Bear Toys amp Games air max ice red uk Elfie elephant Ty Beanie Boos fitflop black Amazon com Tundra the Polar Bear&n" /〉 air jordan bordeaux ebay Gilded Leaf Bracelet Beaded Russian Leaf Stitch Leaves Beading Tutorial Pattern s amp s in colors gel nimbus Christmas Snata Nail Art with Glittering lunetta fitflop black Amazon com Tundra the Polar Bear Toys amp Games , the famous British shoe store announced its size? And Vans's California branch Vans California will fall in the joint news. It can be said, is a natural phenomenon in the natural environment weathering rock spawned size? The designer's inspiration, only the birth of this series. Size? X Vans California Old Skool CA with a pair of shoes, the shoe body used to smooth and soft, easy turn fur production, and the two kinds of rock erosion is often in the weathering process of sandstone and granite, grey blue and yellow soil into two kinds of color, and wear white waffle outsole part of this series: "Clay". This series will be officially launched in October 2nd (Friday). WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogAir Jordan 1 released every year and many color version of this is to bring about in the September release of Air Jordan 1 Phat cool grey, the whole shoe as cool in the bottom is white, gray, cool grey outsole, royal blue shoes good highlight this pair of shoes personality. The number of 364770-003 $100. : the Air Jordan 4, which uses laser uppers, was exposed as early as May, when we guessed that the reflective shoes were Air Jordan's lab series. But recently, this shoe exposure more real map, it seems, and it exposed the previous day Air Jordan 1 laser version has too much similarity. With laser uppers, reflective effects, and blue crystal soles, will these two models lead to a special series next year? Very much anticipated. ??????gold accessories for women quot Great leaders don t need to act tough Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness quot Simon Sinek BE REAL WITH PEOPLE www freshfire co za discount chrome hearts eyewear calendar templa cheap air jordans online te Quote quot She is whiskey in a teacup quot the person that said this was referring to an Irish girl guaranteed accessories for women quot Great leaders don " /〉 buy cheap shoes from new york Ingenious Ways To De Clutter Your Entire Life gold accessories for women quot Great leaders don t need to act tough Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness quot Simon Sinek BE REAL WITH PEOPLE www freshfire co za Vans official website recently on a new Authentic, the Vans Authentic called Acid Denim, which is actually the expression of pickling denim, clearly, shoes on the classic version of the model, making use of denim uppers, fabric and processing method for heavy pickling, let denim showed white smoke effect and this effect has been spread to the tongue, and also extends wrapping line. The details, walk the line body by double white line sewing shoes, lace holes to create white, black collocation laces, located on white bottom. number: VN-0YS7ENM WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] April 23 that day, in a view out of the balcony you can see the entire Forbidden City of Beijing attic room Beiheyan 77, a group of people playing a "marshmallow game." This group of people has a young industrial designer from millet companies with APP carriers from the US Silicon Valley, there have been practitioners in the advertising industry for 35 years, a senior creative people, they are through their registration or sponsored by the company, early in the morning came A Sente Art Design Center held "2015 Create Change Design Forum" lectures students. Today, this lesson is about Nike. dozen people were divided into four groups of 3-4 people. He started the race in the vice president of Nike (Nike) design and global product designer Martin Lotti soccer instruction. The game requires each group with a yard long and there is no sticky tape, two strings, 20 thin spaghetti manufacturing a building, and finally must make three marshmallows can be secured at the top. Building that can do the most to win the group. The "marshm jordan shoes online sale allow game" is Lotti led Nike design team often play. The product has been designed for the Nike 17-year Swiss, this explanation does not make sense of this seemingly rational behind the game: "This is the design, it is difficult to give the exact plan, you only trial and error so the kindergarten children. They usually play the best, CEO who was not. " childhood very much like to see Iron Man Carl? Lewis (Carl Lewis) high jump Lotti never thought one day and Lewis cooperation. And now, he has the world's attention in the last two international-type sports events - - The London Olympics and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in 2012 countless sports stars design a new product. To make track and field athletes in London in 2012 on a different track than the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games fast 0.023 seconds, Lotti began to despise from human skin, "In fact, human skin is not ideal, very slow. We are constantly testing fiber and organizations, and finally found the golf uneven skin in the air at high speed flight in the inspiration. " Finally, Flyknit running shoes series has been designed out, it has a lot hollow mesh, the entire surface is almost seamless sewing shoes, is a complete fabric. And in these shoes ad film, countless filaments Like blood vessels slowly climbed the athlete's feet, suddenly they are tightly wrapped. This is the athletes want - light, scattered gas well, while solid enough. In order to design the Flyknit, Martin Lotti team also invented a loom. "We really just want a piece of cloth, just like the same socks." Martin Lotti said. Flyknit has now become the best selling Nike shoes, not only because of its comfort, but also because of its appearance enough to tide. It accidentally fire to the fashion industry, a street shooting in the highest occurrence rate shoes. 2015 Flyknit Free training shoes out into the fifth generation, and Flyknit Racer is equipped with blue-green and orange with the introduction of two. Flynit Lunar March 3 this year, the sale, the enhanced cushioning technology for marathon running sports. Because of professional sports has been requested, Nike decided on the design aspects of the "consumer" standard overstating. "Most of our design first for professional athl jordans on sale online etes. Professional athletes who give us inspiration, they are most able to make new products to improve people's opinions." Martin Lotti explained. at Nike headquarters, research laboratories and designer sports office is located in the same building, the purpose is to facilitate the two-party personnel to communicate. In preparation for the 2014 World Cup, when Nike team to design shoes Brazilian footballer Neymar, when he invited his R & D laboratory. Neymar arms, ankles are bound corresponding photographic equipment to record his subtle body movement data. According to the researchers to analyze the data, and then communicated to the designer. Of course, each player has its own characteristics. "If a player is good at defense, we will be based on the defense of the human body shape and movements to make special shoes side." Martin Lotti told news reporters interface. grasp traits also helped Nike athletes carry out advertising and marketing campaigns, they chose the eagle, scorpions and snakes in the corresponding products in creative shoe analogy defensive function, when the face of the offensive players have nowhere to escape, they Only like wings, propped hard claws, or is discharged to the enemy core. So to some extent, determine the nature of so much creative athlete selection, as that Nike want to give each family its own personality. For example Mercurial series due to hit the red, black and white, it turned it into a advertisement rapid bullet, through the quality of football and plaster sculptures. However, because Nike is not an official tournament sponsors, these ads can not appear on the 2012 Olympics and 2014 World Cup. But even so, in the investigation of Euromonitor, Nike ranked first in the audience ranking game sponsor brand awareness, people did not know that it even entered this ranking is not qualified. classroom space, Martin Lotti and news reporters also talked thinking twice about Nike made to the design in the competition behind. Reporter: You just mentioned the very favorite works is the use of technology to do Flyknit uppers soccer shoes Mercurial, doing a design about how long it takes ? Martin Lotti: In general, 18 months. This is a more conventional time. But if from cheap jordans for sale before the invention of the loom of the project point of view, because we have never tried this before Flyknit production process, the time necessary to count the years. Sometimes, in order to find inspiration, the team will go to the national travel service we want to look for them something special. Great idea indeed be time-consuming, but we are willing to pay a good time to do it. Reporter: You mentioned in his speech the risk, it was said in 2014 when the World Cup, Nike has sponsored many star players left the stadium early, impact on brand marketing, how much ? Martin Lotti: For athletes, the risk can be calculated. For us, a bit difficult to predict, but that's the beauty of the World Cup. At that moment, perhaps not so important to win, because we understand the need to gradually establish a brand. We still have a 50% chance of longer appear in front of consumers, all athletes will be wearing our clothes to fight. In addition, we also have a commercial video, people will watch repeatedly. In fact, after the World Cup Nike market share or grow a lot, about 20%. Nike believes the strength to keep trying, do not try no way successful. Reporter: Nike CEO and you are both in 2012 and 2014 said that the timing of the reform to the product. Why Nike borrow the London Olympic Games and World Cup in Brazil to reform? Martin Lotti: Olympic Games and soccer is really a lot of people will look at the sports programs, such as Liu Xiang, wearing Nike shoes, then running, you can think of Chinese consumers feeling it was the advertising slogan is "trivial can fly? . " This is Nike to convey. These two events brought pressure is not small, but we did not want to just sell shoes, for the design, this is a good opportunity to let us hungry for more stuff, and set higher goals. And only when so many viewers, our good ideas can really be more noticed. Reporter: For a sport shoes or sportswear, consumers may not only concerned about its functionality, but also concerned about the property aspects of fashion, Nike how to balance the relationship between fashion and occupation ? Martin Lotti: fashion market is very important for women, men, although the perception of fashion will be different, but they also want t air jordan 11 space jam for sale o be able to look cool. We would do well to combine the two, no matter how good things look too bad if people do not want to buy. For example, we have a series of Maria tennis shoes, clothing series, popular with female consumers. But the function is also very important, in fact, it must be on the "nice" in front, because Nike do professional athletes who wear the product. Reporter: In these two events, for professional athletes launched a new design is all face the public market, so that every consumer can buy if the market also face the public when, Nike and pricing? There is no design on some adjustments? Martin Lotti: the same product, consumers can buy. That sounds great, right? But professional shoes, the price will be very high, you really can buy a pair and Neymar exactly the same, and if you really like it too, then. In fact, we offer a lot of pricing options, depending on the price range, the design will be adjusted, consumers are free to choose. Reporter: You have not found Chinese consumers and the past is somewhat different for these changes, Nike is doing what ?? Martin Lotti: very different, there are now more Chinese people love sports, this is the biggest change we've found. People's lifestyles are changing, eat more focus on health and wellness, their tastes are changing higher. This Nike put forward higher requirements, whether it is design or marketing campaign on. The Chinese market is necessary to pay attention to Nike in the consumer, pricing, style and so on, we have to carefully consider, of course, size. Reporter: You know China now attaches great importance to the development of football, the football field as a designer, which is not representative of soccer products in China have great potential ? Martin Lotti: we have learned that China's new policy on football. Nike in China there will be training new project, and Italy and other places of the same item. Chinese football market will develop very quickly, for us, really great potential. But all this is still early, we are still waiting for the opportunity. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Shannon Love Shoes & nbsp; progenitor cloud Winnipeg shoes and bags.) Cheap air jordans for sale the British Retail Consortium report, in May this year, the British retail value of similar goods decreased by 0.8% compared to May 2008, the overall sales only in May last year growth of 0.8% over the same period last year sales growth. clothing and footwear were lower than in May last year, while a substantial increase over the same period last year, the sale of large household goods and furniture is still very difficult. May non food non store sales (Internet, mail order and phone sales) rose by 7.6% compared with the same period last year, while store sales slowed in the same month. clothing sales were lower than in May last year, although sales improved in the second half, the weekend was hot, stores were discounting promotions and shoppers were out shopping for summer clothing. Children's clothing sells well in adult clothing. Summer clothing, T-shirts and casual shirts, shorts and holiday dresses are popular, but sales of tailored clothing, knitwear and suits are lagging behind. Sales of fashion accessories have improved, with sunglasses selling well. footwear sales declined, women, men and children shoes sales fell to the lowest level since April 2008. Last May, the weather was hot and the heat was longer, and sales increased considerably. Sales of shoes for children were the biggest declines, compared with a substantial increase in sales in May 2008. The heat is good for sandals, canvas and casual shoes, but these shoes sell poorly to offset the first half of the sale. Discretionary personal spending is squeezed, helping to sell low priced goods. High priced designer goods have also improved, but the mid-range market is challenging and prices continue to decline. (Editor: admin)Nike SB's Blazer in 1972 to help high retro shoes launched a new design, with dark blue, light brown and black suede double to build three new works, respectively in the shoe body with green camouflage, and silver made of Swoosh, and is equipped with Zoom white soles, interested friends may wish to try the next one. nike-sb-blazer-premium-se-2014-spring-releases-1.jpg (95.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-21 13:18 upload nike-sb-blazer-premium-se-2014-spring-releases-2.jpg (89.65 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-21 13:18 upload nike-sb-blazer-premium-se-2014-spring-releases-3.jpg (81.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-21 13:18 Nike Blazer Nike SB upload, 00Dressnstyle The Official Environment Push Only one Shoe Internet DressNstyle increases the possibility to men and women in many countries,cheap air force ones, to get your workout shoes coated as stated by their precious delusion. 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[]6 18 July billion state power network news billion state power network was informed from Tmall's official information display, Tmall 6· 18 to promote the opening 10 minutes, the total turnover of Tmall clothing exceeded 1 billion yuan. according to the data provided by Tmall, outdoor sports goods such as Tmall more by consumers. NIKE official flagship store in 1 minutes, AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO OG all sold out; nearly 10 minutes, running shoes sales grew 300%, 30% growth over the treadmill of yoga supplies in 20 minutes; the turnover grew by nearly 500%. it is understood that Tmall users are showing the trend of younger consumers after 00 growth over 300%, Clot and AAPE tide brand by the young users sought. "Tmall 6· 18 report: 10 minutes dress total turnover of over 1 billion, is showing the trend of younger"& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas launched adidas adizero f50, adidas Predator, adidas Nitrocharge and adidas 11Pro series of new versions of their boots. The all-new "Night boots" (Black Pack) is #ThereWillBeHaters adds classic black series boots. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Long faction Men & nbsp; true Australian Kangaroo leather.) & nbsp;The day before the Sneaker Con station in Cleveland has just ended, the day not only has many local sneaker enthusiasm to participate in them, there are many friends from other states, and most everyone's surprise is a lot of sneaker family. Of course, in addition to the sale of products is very attractive outside, participants sneaker wearing shoes is undoubtedly bright spot. Although we can't go to the scene, let's enjoy the shoes on the spot by photos.Shoes design in all major brands of Nike Dunk Hi Premium QS 3M 2013-12-08 22:38:38 3M reflective shoes in reflective material is already very common, although the market of reflective material shoes beyond count, but today we still have to recommend a 3M reflective material of shoes for everyone. Because this Nike Dunk Hi Premium whole shoe body in addition to Swoosh, all by 3M reflective material, in the dark night is very gorgeous. The Nike Dunk Hi Premium sells for $130, and it's a friend who wants to be the focus of attention in the dark.